Karen, the fearless leader, loves:

the cards... it's always the cards. When we opened in 1974 we had a small rack of blank "art" cards.  Today we have literally thousands of cards from companies large and small.  I am always amazed to see a new concept or format for a greeting card - something that has never been done before.   Our world is full of the most creative people.  

Pat, the right-hand wo-man, loves:

working up a personal stationery order.  Be it a wedding in Italy, Hawaii, or Tacoma, personalized notes for a graduate, or business stationery for a local attorney, I love to be involved in the details that translate to a perfect presentation of your personality.

We Love...

Carson, the daughter-in-law, loves:

I adore our collection of Fire and Light glassware. We have carried it for awhile, but it continues to be a favorite of mine. Watermark can special order any pieces not available in the store. In fact, I just received a lovely set of glasses from my wonderful mother-in-law.