Carson, the daughter-in-law, loves:

I adore our collection of plush and books from Jellycat.  The store has carried many lines of critters over the years, but Jellycat really is the softest, cutest, and best made of them all.  And they're not loved only by kids (my own especially),  but they're great gifts for adults as well!

Karen, the fearless leader, loves:

the cards... it's always the cards. When we opened in 1974 we had a small rack of blank "art" cards.  Today we have literally thousands of cards from companies large and small.  I am always amazed to see a new concept or format for a greeting card - something that has never been done before.   Our world is full of the most creative people.  

Pat, the right-hand wo-man, loves:

working up a personal stationery order.  Be it a wedding in Italy, Hawaii, or Tacoma, personalized notes for a graduate, or business stationery for a local attorney, I love to be involved in the details that translate to a perfect presentation of your personality.

We Love...